so i left the blogging world for a year and decided to start my life back up on here. updates: i moved to provo. i love my job. i work at a family medicine clinic. i'm a medical assistant. i give all the kids shots. i miss my family, especially my parents in lonely idaho. BUT i'm happy here and i wouldn't change a thing. i plan to go back to school in the fall to finish up my bachelors degree in... that is yet to be determined. i have a great ward. i've met a lot of new friends. and we will see what happens next...

here is my 2012..... part one

started my externship at rocky mountain diabetes... (only pic i have in my scrubs.. you can hardly even seen them haha)

 visited these cool kids in arizona

 went to virginia to meet my cute new niece 

and took a side trip to D.C. wish i could go back

Happy Easter everyone!

 Happy Birthday to me!

 Graduated BYU-Idaho with my AAS in medical assisting and my AS in generals.

 went to KC and made a stop at the great wolf lodge

 threw a bridal shower for my best friend megan... and we happened to wear the same type of jacket.. too cute 

all my friends came home from their missions!

 passed my national certification exam !!!!!

went to cold baseball games 

said hi to this guy for the fourth of july

rode motorcycles with grandpa

took my friends out boating

wore snapbacks


nom nom nom

alright so i don't bake/cook too often because it's kinda of pointless for me and my health... but i am going to try to work on it during my off track as well as making a recipe book. i signed up for making cookies for my work party and i decided on some of my favorites... peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss in the middle... i don't know the real name but i think you get the point. they are so yummy and i think everyone will love them. even though i'm lacking in the baking skills, i managed to make some perfect cookies! hopefully more posts to come with new things i make!

mmmmmm delicious!


happy birthday DADDY-O!

It was my dad's birthday on the 20th of December... and he has excellent genes because he doesn't look a day over 30 :)! we celebrated on the 19th because he ALWAYS has meetings for church.. i mean seriously on his birthday.. oh well he's just too amazing! he got a little spoiled this year and got an ipad.. sheesh! and he loves it! just to let you know my dad is the greatest, smartest, handsomest, sweetest, coolest, selfless guy i know. i couldn't be any more proud to have him as my dad! he's the best and i love him so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!

he's just the cutest!

yup... he loves it!!